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Oil Storage Guidance

Oil is one of the most common pollutants in the UK, as it is used in large quantities in a wide variety of industries. Even the smallest amount can cause devastation to the surrounding environment and wildlife. Some of the most common causes of oil pollution are spills from storage facilities, accidents during delivery, dispensing or transportation and deliberate, illegal disposal of waste oil into the drainage systems.

The Government has introduced regulations to help advise how to prevent oil spills, but if a spill does occur and enter the watercourse or ground from your site, you will be prosecuted and could face substantial fines and have to pay for the cost of the clear up.

In most cases these spillages are avoidable if operations are carefully planned, waste management is dealt with responsibly and suitable facilities are provided to reduce the risk of spillage, along with simple precautions in place to deal with any spillages, should they occur, such as easily accessible spill kits and absorbents.

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 details the minimum standard for all new and existing above ground storage facilities.

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For more information and guidance on these regulations:

Please view the Environment Agency website.

If you are concerned that you do not have the right oil storage facilities in place, or you would like to speak to us about your site or these regulations, please contact us on 029 2080 9090, or email us