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Protect your site from spills during flooding

January 06, 2014

The UK is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions with many coastal and riverside areas being badly flooded over the last few weeks. For businesses located in these areas there are important considerations to prevent and avoid any stored fluids leaking into these flood waters, causing environmental damage.

This is called Diffuse Water Pollution and is caused by run off into flood waters.  

We recommend that you protect drains gullies and run off areas, improve your storage i.e. placing units and drums on appropriate bunding (i.e. secondary containment units), but in particular use covered bunding like our custom steel storage units, otherwise your secondary containment or bunding can fill up with rainwater, and then you may have contaminated rainwater if anything has been spilt into the bund. Another way is if you have hydrocarbon run off (oils and fuels), oil only absorbents will select the hydrocarbon and absorb it and not the water, this absorbent is usually blue or white in colour.

The Environment Agency says:

"Most pollution results from spillages, poor storage or poor handling of materials. Many incidents can easily be avoided, and small businesses have a vital role to play. The Environment Agency prosecutes offenders in the worst cases and it is committed to preventing pollution wherever it can.  

For any help or advice on what you need to do to protect your site from flooding and torrential rain, contact us on 0870 850 4352 or click here

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