Spill-Aid Super Absorbent Granules

Spill-Aid is a fast acting 'super absorbent', ideal for absorbing spills of liquids really quickly, leaving any floor or surface dry within seconds. Quick and easy to use, just pour Spill-Aid onto the spill and brush in. It can then be swept up leaving the surface perfectly dry with no residue.

Spill-Aid absorbs a wide range of liquids, such as:

Oil, petrol, diesel, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, acids, alkalies, human and animal wastes, blood, vomit, paints including oil and water based, polymers, gycols including anti-freeze, vegetable oils, butter, all liquids and semi liquids.

  • Light weight.
  • Use absolutely anywhere.
  • Reduce disposal costs.
  • Minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls.
  • Will absorb up to 20 times more liquid, by weight, than clay granules.
  • Much faster than the conventional mop and bucket.

It couldn’t be more simple ...

  1. Pour
  2. Sweep
  3. Swirl
  4. Brush ... and the spill is gone
Spill-Aid Specification
Product Code Description Pack Size
SA5LTR Standard bag suitable for most spills 6 x 5 litre bags
SA30LTR Bulk sack, ideal for either larger spills or decanting into smaller containers. 1 x 30 litre sack
SACADDY Portable spill kit with integral spill warning "A" frame sign, containing a 5 litre bag of Spill-Aid, a dust pan & brush, 10 hazardous waste sacks & a box of powder free nitrile gloves Single caddy

SpillAid Super Absorbent Granules

SpillAid Super Absorbent Granules

SpillAid Caddy Sign

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