Absorbent Marine Booms

Our range of absorbent marine booms are designed to be effective on oils spills into water, such as streams, rivers and lakes, as well as spills in wet weather conditions due to their ability to float even when saturated, preventing further contamination and pollution into water courses.

  • Effective barrier to oil and floating debris
Marine Booms Specification
Product Code
Description Size              
Qty per Pack Absorbency
per Pack
DYNOB2029 Mini Absorbent Marine Boom  20cm x 50cm 10 150.3ltrs
DYNOB2027 Standard Absorbent Marine Boom 12cm x 3m 4 104.9ltrs
DYNOB2028 Extra Absorbent Marine Boom 20cm x 3m 4 189.3ltrs
DYNOB2026  Standard Land Absorbent Boom 20cm x 3m 52.6ltrs 
DYNCB3018  Chemical Absorbent Boom  12cm x 3m  60ltrs 


Absorbent Booms ideal for containing spills on water

Absorbent Booms ideal for containing spills on water

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