Absorbent Pads

Convenient, fast absorbing, strong even when saturated  and essential for a cleaner and safer working environment.

  • Ideal for use under leaking machinery and for wiping surfaces
  • General maintenance pads for absorbing non-aggressive fluids, such as water and oil based fluids
  • Chemical absorbent pads for use on chemical spills of acids, caustics, oil coolants and solvents
  • Oil only pads designed to repel water but contain or adsorb any oils, fuels, solvents and most petrochemicals
  • Lightweight pads also available
Absorbent Pads Specification
Product Code
Description Size              
Qty per Pack Absorbency per Pack
DYNMP1003  General Maintenance Absorbent Pads
40 x 50cm
100 134ltrs
DYNCP3025 Chemical Absorbent Pads
40 x 50cm  100
DYNOP2008  Oil Only Absorbent Pads
40 x 50cm


Also available in other pack sizes and variations ...

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