Free Spill Risk Survey

We provide tailored on-site spill risk surveys to all of our customers, helping you to evaluate and identify the potential spill risks within your workplace, ensuring you comply with the latest legislation and to help you to achieve ISO 14001. 

Our expert team will visit your site and assess:

  • What fluids you are storing and transporting, are they hazardous?
  • Safe methods of fluid storage and secondary containment protection.
  • Drainage on the site, how to identify specific drains (water/foul) and how to prevent spills from entering the drainage system.
  • How to tackle emergency pollution incidents should they occur and what products you would need to hand to deal with them effectively.
  • We produce a comprehensive spill report providing recommendations and advice enabling you to make informed decisions about the pollution protection methods you use on your site. The report includes an inventory of the products recommended to combat any potentially hazardous spills.

As part of our commitment to helping our customers with environmental legislation, we offer our surveys completely free of charge with no obligation.

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Free, no obligation spill risk survey

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