Drain Identification

It is vital that your network of foul water drains and storm water drains are easily identified as part of your emergency spill reponse plan.

The Environment Agency advises that drains should be identified clearly by colour coding all manhole covers, drainage grills and gullies, with foul water drains painted red and surface water drains painted blue

This chlorinated rubber paint can also be used on concrete, ferrous metal, manhole covers and road surfaces. 

  • Tough, durable, chlorinated rubber paint.
  • Easy to apply and quick to dry.
  • Fade resistant. 
  • Can also be used for marking out walkways, roads and posts etc. 
Drain Identification Specification
Product Code Description Pack Size  Quantity
DYNACCMPR Red paint Single Unit  5 Litre
DYNACCMPB Blue paint Single Unit  5 Litre
DYNACCMPY Yellow paint Single Unit  5 Litre

Drain Demarcation Paint

Drain Demarcation Paint Red

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