Oil Safe Containers

These compact, ergonomically designed containers are available in 5 different sizes. Made from food grade polyethylene they will withstand the harshest conditions inside or out.

All the various lids and containers are fully interchangeable to ensure a versatile system, and the lids are colour coded to identify different applications. Quick twist lids completely seal the opencontainers and a vent button on the spout allows for the free fklow of the lubricant. 

  • Wide drum openings that allow quick non-spill filling.
  • Clear containers with meansurement graduations that make fluid levels easy to monitor.
  • Protection from lubricant contamination.
  • Reduces spills and resulting accidents.
  • Colour code storage.  
Oil Safe Container Specification
Product Code Description Pack Size 
DYN009224 1.5Ltr jug Single Unit 
DYN063571 2.0Ltr jug Single Unit 
DYN063595 3.0Ltr jug Single Unit 
DYN063618 5.0Ltr jug Single Unit
DYN066251  10Ltr jug  Single Unit 
DYN062567 Pump assembly  Single Unit 
DYN062499  Stretch hose extension  Single Unit 
DYN067265 Stumpy hose extension Single Unit


Oil Safe Container Lid Specification
Description Pack Size 
Storage lid Single Unit 
Utility lid Single Unit 
Stretch lid Single Unit 
Stumpy Single Unit
Mini spout lid Single Unit 


The lid options each come in the following colours - Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Dark Green, Tan, Grey, Purple, Blue, Black ... contact our team today to find out more by clicking here


Oil Safe Containers

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