Spill Barriers

Portable barrier made from non-absorbent, polyurethane forms a tight seal and is flexible enough to form irregular curves. 

  • Durable and reusuable.
  • Resists water, oil and most chemicals.
  • Connection joints and corner pieces create longer lengths.
Spill Barrier Specification  
Product Code Description Dimensions  Pack Size 
DYNDRP8018 Flexible reusable spill barrier 3cm high x 3m Single Unit 
DYNDRP8019 Flexible reusable spill barrier 6cm high x 3m Single Unit 
DYNDRP8020  Connection joint  6cm high x 10cm  Single Unit 
DYNDRP8021  Corner piece 6cm high  Single Unit 

Spill Berm for containing any emergency spillages

Spill Berm for containng any unwanted spillages

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