Bunded Flooring

A range of flexible modular bunded floor decking units to fit most working environments that can be used as stand alone workstations or combined to provide universal workfloor solutions.

  • Polyethylene low profile flooring.
  • Self contained, secondary sump holds leaks, drips and spills preventing the spread of uncontrolled fluids, protecting against pollution.
  • Use an additional ramp for easier loading of heavy drums.
  • Complies with current UK and EU environmental regulations.
  • Secondary containment, sump or bund must contain 110% of the contents of a single container or drum.
Bunded Flooring Specification  
Product Code
Description                   Sump Capacity 
Dimensions                                     Weight/UDL
DYNPOLY11034 Bunded floor unit for up to 2 x 205ltr drums 150 Litres (L) 1260 x (W) 860 x (H) 150mm 20Kg/UDL 1000Kg
DYNPOLY11035 Bunded floor unit for up to 4 x 205ltr drums 300 Litres (L) 1660 x (W) 1260 x (H) 150mm 40Kg/UDL 2000Kg
DYNPOLY11036 Inline bunded floor unit for up to 4 x 205ltr drums 300 Litres (L) 2610 x (W) 895 x (H) 150mm 48Kg/UDL 2000Kg
DYNPOLY11038  Poly ramp for all bunded flooring  n/a  L) 650 x (W) 800 x (H) 165mm       9Kg/UDL n/a
DYNPOLY11039  Stainless steel floor joining clip for 2 drum unit  n/a  Single clip  n/a
DYNPOLY11040 Stainless steel floor joining clips for 4 x 205ltr unit  n/a  Pair of clips  n/a 
DYNPOLY11063  Plastic bunded floor connector  n/a  Single connector  n/a 

Polybund Flooring

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