IBC Bunded Spill Pallet

Designed to collect and contain leaks and spills of oils and chemicals from IBCs. Significantly reduce the risk of an emergency spill occurring on your site by storing your IBCs safely with our range of effective bunded pallets with built in secondary containment. Improve the safety of your workplace by ensuring that any potential spillages are contained or best of all, avoided completely.

Our Bunded IBC Spill Pallets comply with Environmental Legislation requirements that any secondary containment must hold at least 110% of the contents of a single IBC.

  • Manufactured from tough, chemical resistant, durable polyethylene.
  • Designed to fit most common IBC footprints with fork pockets to aid movement when empty.
  • Additional overflow trays available.
  • Complies with current UK and EU environmental regulations.
IBC Bunded Spill Pallet Specification  
Product Code
Description                   Sump Capacity 
Dimensions                                      Weight/UDL
DYNPOLY11020 IBC bunded spill pallet for 1 x 1000ltr IBC 1100 Litres (L) 1760 x (W) 1350 x (H) 710mm 107Kg/UDL 1500Kg
DYNPOLY11053 IBC bunded spill pallet for 2 x 1000ltr IBC 1140 Litres (L) 2560 x (W) 1350 x (H) 510mm 136Kg/UDL 2500Kg
DYNPOLY11065 Single IBC bunded pallet with integral dispensing area 1100 Litres (L) 1950 x (W) 1400 x (H) 725mm 86Kg/UDL 1500Kg
DYNPOLY11074  Overflow tray for use with DYNPOLLY11020 86 Litres (L) 525 x (W) 545 x (H) 835mm     8.5Kg/UDL n/a
DYNPOLYBB2T Overflow tray for use with DYNPOLLY11053 86 Litres (L) 530 x (W) 510 x (H) 560 4KG/ UDL n/a
DYNPOLY11080 Covered IBC spill pallet for 2 x 1000ltr IBC 1140 Litres (L) 2560 x (W) 1350 x (H) 2210mm 156Kg/UDL 2500Kg
DYNPOLYBB3  Single non gridded bunded IBC pallet 1125 Litres (L) 1590 x (W) 1455 x (H) 715mm 80Kg/UDL 1500Kg
DYNPOLYBB4  Double non gridded bunded IBC pallet  1150 Litres  (L) 2560 x (W) 1350 x (H) 2210mm  85Kg/UDL 2800Kg

Bunded IBC Spill Pallet

Bunded IBC Spill Pallet with additonal overflow tray

Bunded IBC Spill Pallet with integrated dispenser

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