Bunded Spill Pallets

Whether you use or store cans, drums or containers of fluids, we have a range of bunded spill pallets, both with & without covers to suit your needs.

  • Manufactured from tough, durable but lightweight polyethylene.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Suitable to interior and exterior use.
  • Low profile and stackable solutions to make the most out of the space available.
  • Complies with current UK and EU environmental regulations.
  • Large sump capacity (a sump or bund must contain 110% of the contents of a single container or drum).
Bunded Spill Pallet Specification  
Product Code          Description Sump Capacity Dimensions Weight/UDL
DYNPOLY11064 Bunded pallet suitable for 1 x 205ltr drum 225 Litres (L) 900 x
(W) 700 x
(H) 525mm
22Kg/UDL 300Kg
DYNPOLY11006 Bunded pallet suitable for 2 x 205ltr drums 240 Litres (L) 1220 x
(W) 820 x
(H) 330mm
26Kg/UDL 650Kg
DYNPOLY11008 Low profile bunded pallet suitable for 4 x 205ltr drums 230 Litres (L) 1280 x
(W) 1280 x
(H) 275mm
35Kg/UDL 1250Kg
DYNPOLY11046  Hard covered bunded pallet suitable for 2 x 205ltr drums  250 Litres (L) 995 x
(W) 1565 x
(H) 2110mm
101Kg/UDL 650Kg
DYNPOLY11047 Hard covered bunded pallet suitable for 4 x 205ltr drums 410 Litres (L) 1470 x
(W) 1420 x
(H) 2070mm
115Kg/UDL 1250Kg
DYNPOLY11009 Poly ramp for 4 drum hard covered bunded pallet n/a  (L) 1740 x
(W) 1000 x
(H) 370mm
DYNPOLY11031  Drum stacker/cradle for drum bund dispenser n/a  (L) 1240 x
(W) 795 x
(H) 370mm
25Kg/UDL 600Kg

Bunded Spill Pallet

Low Profile Bunded Spill Pallet

Bunded Drum Dispenser

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