Spill Kits

Dealing with hazardous fluids is a risky business, but typically accidents do happen. Spills of these liquids pose a significant risk to those around them and to the environment.

Whether a small portable kit or high capacity wheeled bin unit, a Spill kit is a must have item for all businesses, in order to help control spillages, reduce environmental impact, to eliminate the risk of fines and maintain health & safety levels in the workplace. Kits are available in a wide range of capacities, suited to controlling spillages of oil, chemicals and general liquids.

Our range of spill kits are colour coded to easily identify if the spill kit is suitable for use for general mainteance spills, oils spills or chemical spills:

Oil Only - White

These ‘hydrophobic’ products (do not absorb water), are designed to adsorb or contain oil spills, fuel spills, solvent spills and most petrochemicals.

Available in:

Portable Spill Kits

Chemical - Yellow

Chemical absorbents are for use on aggressive and on-aggressive liquids, such as acids, caustics, oil coolants, solvents, water and chemical spills.

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Spill Kit Supplies